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Chefs Plate

Fresh home cooking is not only healthy; it also tastes better. But who has the time and energy to hunt down interesting recipes, not to mention all the ingredients? Chefs Plate is the perfect solution! Founded in 2014, the Toronto-based company offers customers a rich variety of seven mouthwatering meals every week. You choose between vegetarian, seafood and meat dishes – guaranteed free of antibiotics and hormones. The easy-to-follow recipes and high-quality ingredients are conveniently delivered in a refrigerated container, ensuring long-standing freshness even if you are not home at delivery. The packs contain everything needed, aside from basics such as salt, oil and sugar. No more last-minute running out to the store! What’s more, regional and local producers are sourced wherever possible, yet another reason behind the success of Chefs Plate in Canada. This service has found the perfect recipe for sustainable growth! 

Established in 2014, Toronto