Hublo raises €22M to expand its HR solution for healthcare institutions in Europe  

by | October 13, 2021

Paris/Munich, Sept 13, 2021 – Hublo, the first company to offer a digital staff management solution in the healthcare sector, has announced a €22 million Series A financing round with Revaia (formerly Gaia Capital Partners) and Acton Capital, placing it among France’s top 10 largest Series A rounds of the year. Hublo’s mission is to simplify the daily life of healthcare professionals. The French startup currently has 2,800 customers in France and Germany and 75 employees in its offices in Paris, Sophia Antipolis and Cologne.

The €22 million financing round will enable Hublo to maintain its leading position in France and Germany and to expand internationally, starting with Europe. The company aims to launch in four new European countries over the next 18 months. To support this growth, Hublo’s goal is to recruit 200 new talents by 2023.

Crisis in healthcare sector: Covid19 intensifies shortage of healthcare workers and accelerates digitization
Intensified by the Covid-19 crisis, staff management bottlenecks and absenteeism are major issues for health facilities. As a matter of fact, absenteeism affects 10% of the regular workforce in healthcare. To meet the growing needs of hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, Hublo offers an economic and efficient tool to manage their replacement, improves recruiting and the employer-employee relationship in healthcare.

“Germany will be short of 500,000 nurses by 2035.  Hublo is addressing one of the most pressing needs in today’s healthcare. The growing demand of care outpaces the supply of labor and puts organizations as well as their staff under incrsing pressure. By offering a staff management tool catering to the specific needs of the sector, Hublo helps hospitals and nursing homes to leverage their existing staff base and significantly improve their employer-employee relationship. With putting the needs of meanwhile more than 300.000 registered healthcare professionals first, Hublo is winning the hearts of nursing staff and healthcare managers. This community effect has already proven to be Hublo‘s biggest USP for its success in France. Now, we are happy to support the team on its international expansion to the German market. By making their daily life easier, Hublo simply helps healthcare professionals to focus on their core mission: caring for their patients,“ says Sebastian Wossagk, Managing Partner at Acton Capital

Hublo makes daily life of 400,000 healthcare workers easier
Hublo allows healthcare institutions to connect through a digital interface to their employees, to staffing agencies, and to temporary workers, to post their replacement assignments and to recruit the professional profiles that meets their needs best. To increase the productivity in healthcare facilities, project managers offer a personalized support through dashboards that allow both monitoring replacements, and the possibility of connecting Hublo with already existing management tools like uploading shift plans, payroll software, etc.

“The solution Hublo offers simplifies the daily life of our clinic teams by facilitating the reception of temporary staff within our establishments. Thanks to this agile partner who relate to our needs, we are in a position to optimize and digitize our HR management processes, to improve the quality of life at work for our teams and allow them to spend more time with patients,” says Emmanuel Dechirot, HR Director at ELSAN, the 2nd largest private health operator in France.

In line with its mission to simplify the daily life of healthcare professionals, Hublo opened its platform – amid the pandemic in March 2020 – to French healthcare institutions free of charge. By creating the #Renforts-Covid operation in partnership with 11 regional health agencies, the company called on the solidarity of healthcare professionals. The result: more than 60,000 volunteer professionals could be mobilized in 2 months to relieve the 6,000 healthcare facilities inneed of reinforcement.

International ambition to become the leading HR management solution in the healthcare sector: 200 new talents and launch in 4 new countries until 2023
Hublo has already attracted 2,800 hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, as well as 400,000 registered and active professionals in France and Germany. More than 7,000 replacement assignments are published on the platform every day. This massive use is proof of excellent feedback: 94% of users believe they save time thanks to the solution and 90% of healthcare facilities managed to reduce their recruitment costs.

Since its launch, the company has shown great capital efficiency. With little funding so far, Hublo managed to increase of 80% in revenue growth and 130% in the use of its platform. To support its development, Hublo is counting on the recruitmen eof 200 talents between now and 2023 across the company’s different departments: technical and product development, sales, project management, data, finance, HR, marketing, etc.

“Hublo’s mission of digitizing healthcare facilities by tackling the critical issue of talent management, is in line with our values and our investment thesis. We are looking forward to supporting this brilliant team in its new phase of growth, both in France and internationally“, states Alice Albizzati, co-founder of Revaia.

Hublo will also continue to develop its management tool and diversify its offer to meet the growing expectations of healthcare institutions. The startup already offers additional functionalities to the management of replacements such as the management of work contracts, electronic signatures, interfaces with planning and payroll software and the implementation of a massive recall solution in the event of a crisis (White Plan).

“We are convinced that improving the whole system in Europe requires simplifying the daily life of healthcare professionals, so that they can focus on their core business and care. Our mission at Hublo is to develop and deploy the simplest and most efficient digital HR management tools possible for these professionals. We are therefore building a team in France, Germany and soon elsewhere in Europe, to support the acceleration of this digital transformation. We are only at the beginning of this adventure, and we are recruiting several hundred talents who share our ambition”, explains Antoine Loron, President and co-founder of Hublo.

Hublo was created in May 2020 by the merger of Whoog and medGo and is the first tool for managing replacements in the health sector. Since its creation, Hublo’s mission is to simplify the daily life of healthcare professionals. In September 2021, Hublo announced that it had raised € 22 million from Revaia (formerly Gaia Capital Partners) and the German fund Acton Capital to become the leader in HR management for healthcare institutions in Europe. Hublo hopes to consolidate its position in France and Germany, accelerate its international expansion, starting with Europe, and continue the technical development of its tool. With its team of 75 employees in Paris, Sophia Antipolis and Cologne, Hublo covers 7,000 replacement assignements for its 400,000 active users every day.

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