Dr. Christoph Braun

Managing Partner


Being a part of the venture capital ecosystem for over two decades, Christoph has priceless experience as a dealmaker and a strong intuition for investments.

While studying for his MBA in the US in the early 90s, Christoph became infected with the startup virus, influencing his life ever since. Following, he earned his PhD from LMU and worked as a strategy consultant in Frankfurt and San Francisco, before refocusing on venture.

His approach to investing in sustainable business models and founders is part of the DNA which forms the heart of Acton Capital today. As a Munich native, Christoph cuts to the chase rather than spending talk time on diplomatic skills.

He spends his spare time with family and friends – preferably on hiking trails to Bavaria’s peaks or on the slopes.


 “Supporting founders in building great companies for the long run. All the way. Having fun while doing it.”


McKinsey & Company, Burda Digital Ventures