Dominik Alvermann



With a true passion for new products and services, Dominik is the only member of the Acton team who manages to fill the entire memory of his 256 GB smartphone by installing hundreds of apps. As a firefighter-in-training during high school, Dominik originally sought a career as an engineer, but upon attending Zeppelin University – a startup itself at the time – found his passion for business innovation.

He commenced his career as an analyst at Holtzbrinck Digital before continuing his studies at the University of St. Gallen and Stanford. Dominik joined Acton in 2014 and even as a VC investor is still ready to put out a fire every now and then. With a keen eye for detail, Dominik introduces new views to existing perspectives.

Born and raised in Germany’s automotive hub Stuttgart, he has lived in the US, Colombia, Switzerland and Ireland. Considering himself a MacGyver-like DIY talent, Dominik is prepared to solve any practical challenge – even with just a paperclip and duct tape.


“You never know if it works until you test it.”


Holtzbrinck Digital, consulting (freelancer)