Elisabeth Löwenbourg-Brzezinski



Elisabeth finds beauty in all whole-hearted entrepreneurial endeavors – from neo-banks and FinTechs over re-commerce and DTC models in fashion, education and entertainment. Part of the investment team since 2020, she’s adding her unique expertise in financing tools and international M&A transactions to support portfolio companies in every stage of growth.

As an active mentor for several NGOs and being an alumna of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation herself, her passion is to empower youth entrepreneurship and female founders across sectors.

Prior to Acton, Elisabeth managed various investments in Europe’s elite tech companies for the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Goldman Sachs. Her special love for numbers earned her an MBA degree from Harvard Business School in Boston, an M.Sc. from London School of Economics and a Diplôme from Sciences Po in Paris and Philadelphia – all with special honors.

Deeply rooted in Tyrol, but fluent in Bavarian, she lived and worked in six different EU countries, before finally settling in Munich.


“Mind moves matter.”


European Investment Bank (EIB), Goldman Sachs AG, Booz & Company