Frank Seehaus

Managing Partner


Frank is Acton Capital’s expert in all “shades of fintech”. Having served on the board of several fintech startups and as VP of a most venerable German financial institution, he knows where the established industry is lagging behind and where smart challengers are able to close the gaps.

Moreover, few can match Frank when it comes to deep diving into a company’s financials and establishing the bare facts. When he is hiding his numerical brain behind offhand remarks and an apparent distraction, he secretly enjoys ambushing the unprepared with razor-sharp questionings about their value proposition, risk profile or go-to-market strategy. No market is too complex or to niche to learn the ropes, especially when it’s about understanding an organization, its functions, processes and statistics.

Frank has a soft spot for complex transactions, enabling him to pave the way for successful exits in cases like HolidayCheck, OnVista or zooplus.


“Never trust a ppt you haven’t faked yourself.”


VP Corporate Finance at Deutsche Bank, Burda Digital Ventures