Tom Rentschler



Tom joined Acton as an intern in the beginning of 2020 and since transitioned to an analyst role. He enjoys the opportunity to combine the analytical side of the investment team’s focus with his passion to scout and work with young and innovative growth companies.

During his time at Zeppelin University and UC San Diego, where he studied Economics & Management, Tom gained practical experience in the financial sector and, in particular, the diverse world of startups and venture capital. In his final semesters he explored how technology and innovation impact society – especially through an economic lens. Thus, Tom is always keen to learn more about Europe’s innovation ecosystem, (big) tech regulation and viewpoints on ethics in technology.

Tom is very curious and gets excited quickly which sometimes leads to him engaging deeply with a broad set of topics – ranging from productivity tools to food or science fiction stories.

He loves to go hiking or just be surrounded by nature and enjoys playing tennis and beach volleyball. In the summer months you could spot him surfing on Europe’s Atlantic coast – more often lying on the board than actually riding a wave, however.


Kry, Armira, EY